North Star Figure Skating Club

Shining Stars
Pre-Freeskate and Freeskate 1

Shining Stars is an accelerated Basic Skills bridge program that requires two days a week and offers:

​Winter Session November 28- April 14 
Show Session April 24-May 20 only includes show practice (all other skating will be contracted later)
Shining Stars includes:
1 class day (25 minute class/25 or more minute practice)
1 practice day (50 minutes or more)
1 off ice class (45 minutes) and can be on the same day as the practice or class day
In addition skaters must take at least one 20 or 25 minute private lesson scheduled during practice times. The cost for this lesson is $20 or $25 and is not included in this program and is paid directly to the coach.
North Star FSC Dress Rehearsal Friday May 19 and Show Saturday May 20
Mandatory Show Participation- 4 weeks show practice, Dress Rehearsal Friday May 19, Show Saturday May 20 
Skaters must choose Monday or Thursday Show Practice upon sign up. Day of Show Practice may not be changed after January 1 2017. $180 show fee included in the Shining Stars Cost. Show fee includes show practice, costume, and over the boot tights and is non-refundable after January 1.

Class Days
Monday 5:00-5:50pm (Class 5:00-5:25)
Thursday 6:00-7:00pm (Class 6:00-6:25)
Saturday 8:00-8:50am (Class 8:00-8:25)

Off Ice Days
Monday 6:05-6:50 Strength and Conditioning
Tuesday 5:20-6:05 Yoga
Wednesday 6:15-7:00 Strength, Stretch, and Ballet
Thursday 5:05-5:50 Ballet
Thursday 6:10-6:55 Strength and Conditioning
Saturday 9:00-9:45 Yoga
Sunday 11:00-11:45 Circuit and Off ice Jumps

Practice Days
Monday 2:50-3:40
Monday 5:00-5:50
Tuesday 2:50-3:40
Tuesday 5:00- 6:00
Tuesday 6:50-7:50 at Loring in Framingham
Wednesday 2:50-3:50
Wednesday 5:00-6:00
Thursday 2:50-3:40
Thursday 5:00-5:50
Thursday 6:00-7:00 
Friday 2:50-3:50
Saturday 8:00-8:50 
Saturday 9:00-9:50
Saturday 10:00-10:50
Saturday 11:30-12:20
Sunday 8:00-8:50
Sunday 9:00-9:50
Sunday 10:00-10:50

Show Practice Options:
Mondays 5:00-5:50 (4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15)
Thursdays 6:00-6:50 (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18)

Cost: $868 to $954 (for requirements) depending on the days chosen. $25 more after November 20
$ 300 deposit due, $150 due December 15, January 15, February 15, Balance due March 15
Includes $180 show fee (non refundable after January 1)
If you already have a private coach, please contact your coach to set up lessons. If you do not have a private coach, we will find a coach for you during your practice times.

Registration is currently closed.  Please email if you are interested in registering.